Marco Gabbin

I was born in 1973 in Asti in Italy and grew up in a little town close to it. After graduating in telecommunication Engineering I  moved to Ivrea, close to Turin, but mostly, close to mountain (Valle d’Aosta).

The passion for photography and for mountain accompanied me since childhood. The dream to visit and photograph the largest and oldest mountain ranges in the world such as Himalayas, Andes and Alps (closer to me), pushed me to go trekking, mountaineering expeditions and mountain biking expeditions. Looking for spaces where the air is thin, the glaciers extend for miles, nature is impressive.

Coming back in more detail about how photography and for mountain passion grew up inside me, I remember I was becoming “sick of mountain” starting when I was 6-7 old, when I started to spend my holidays in mountain with my family.

I also spent a lot of time “browsing” magazines showing pictures of mountain that allowed me to fly with my imagination and dreaming, (unfortunately, internet did not exist yet).

My first “most serious” camera (it was not a reflex yet) has been the gift of my high school diploma, I though photography and mountain was a perfect “wedding”.

I “live” mountain in any possible way, practicing trekking, mountaineering, ski, ski mountaineering, Mountain Bike, Expedition (mountaineering, MTB), and of course I always have my camera with me.

The “attraction” of altitude and glacier pushed me to climb as more as possible mountains in the Alps over 4000m. high. This also allowed to me to become a member of “Club of 4000”.(more than 30 the Alps climbed).

At photography level, I won photo contests, did photographic exhibits,  posted on magazine,  posted in catalogues of important mountaineering and clothing companies,  got sponsorships from mountaineering and clothing  companies, worked whit Mooz Filmmaking (Morgan Bertacca) for “Fino alla fine del mondo": Record da Genova al Monte Bianco di Nico Valsesia: Photo/video, picture used for Expo2015 (1 of the 7 pictures used to represent Italy in the world), and I also enjoy to make photographic projections at locations like CAI, photographic circles and cultural events.

Marco Gabbin