VAUDE Visions – a window to the world   

Are you one of those people who are astounded by the beauty of the kaleidoscopic shimmering northern lights of Norway? Have you perhaps experienced standing in awe on an Alpine summit – the panoramic vista and your thoughts wandering out into infinity?  Have you ever slept outdoors, breathing in the smell of freedom and beholding the stars in all their glory?   Then you are one of those people who, like our photographers, have an eye for the beauty of our planet and love to lose yourself in images in order to find yourself in dreams.

Wallpaper to download

VAUDE Visions is our stage for the unique world of outdoor photography. It’s a place to present breathtaking natural images from the photographers that we at VAUDE work with. And because we think that these images are just calling out be shown to the world, we are offering them as downloadable wallpaper images, free of charge. Here you can choose your screen background and download it in a variety of resolutions. Design your desktop with your favorite motif and immerse yourself daily in the breathtaking beauty of our planet. So go ahead, choose your image, download it, and start dreaming!

Photo selection

Our VAUDE photographers are on the go the world over, shooting photos and experiencing places that many people just dream of. In their photos, they show us spectacular scenery and capture unique moments in time, making them unforgettable. They are making these moments available for you as downloadable wallpaper. They capture perfect moments with their cameras – those that move us deep down inside when we look at them.  These wallpapers set scenes in a special light or focus on details that you might not otherwise ever notice. They present nature as something wonderful and worth protecting – precisely why we are offering these pictures to you.