Conditions of participation


Our Brand

The VAUDE brand stands for respect in all its interaction with others and the world around us. We have set our sight on becoming Europe’s most sustainable outdoor brand, so that sportsmen and women of today, and those to come can enjoy nature to the fullest. We are pioneers in this way, challenging convention and pushing the limits of what’s possible.

VAUDE’s roots are in mountain sports. The passion we experience on the ascent and the peace we find at the top are what drive us. The mountains are our symbol for the high demands we place on our products, and for the passion we hold for nature.

VAUDE – dedicated to making y(our) world a better place 

Goals of VAUDE Visions:

With the website, VAUDE provides an online platform that presents photographs for end consumers. The goal of this website is to showcase the stunning beauty of natural places and emotional photos of activities, and make them available as wallpaper downloads.   

With the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest, which will take place exclusively at, we are offering photographers the chance to win high quality prizes for their submitted photos. In the first round, the online public will vote for the best photo. In the second round, a specialized jury will judge the 20 top photos from the online vote and rate the top 10. The online public also has the possibility to win prizes – other terms and conditions apply for this contest. 

By participating in the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest, the photographer accepts the following terms and conditions:


VAUDE Visions Photo Contest Rules:

1.) Age:
The photographer must be at least 18 years old.

2.) Dates:
The photographer may submit photos from 1.7.15 – 31.7.15.

3.) Number:
The photographer may submit a maximum of 3 photos.

4.) Image size: The photographer should submit photos in a quality of at least 1MB - maximum 8 MB (jpg,jpeg,png,bmp format). If requested by VAUDE, the photographer must submit the image in its original format and other series photos in 1MB and 300 dpi.

5.) Application form:
The photographer must have filled in all required fields of the application form at The VAUDE Visions Photo Contest can only be participated in through this website. In addition, the given contact data must represent the truth and the photographer must be available at the address given.

6.) Compensation: The photographer is not entitled to compensation. Damages claims by the photographer against VAUDE or commissioned third party are excluded.

7.) Transfer of right of use:
The photographer transmits to VAUDE the right to use of the image material, always accompanied by the photographer’s name and VAUDE Visions Photo Contest for a period of 3 years:

a) on VAUDE social media channels for advertising and VAUDE Visions Photo Contest in a resolution of 1024x768 px
b) at for online users to download as wallpaper and for viewing in the gallery

c) for various online and print- applications of the VAUDE Visions Photo Contests, for example exhibitions of the winning photos or for the Top20 photo album

d) For submission to the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest partners to advertise the contest.

All photographers guarantee VAUDE and its partner companies that they have all rights (worldwide) to the use of these photos with respect to the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest. Nevertheless, VAUDE and its partners will display images in the lowest resolution required and always name the photographer to protect copyright.

8.) Wallpaper: The photographer agrees that all VAUDE Visions Contest photos may also be downloaded as wallpaper from the VAUDE Visions Gallery. The photographer’s name and / photo contest will each be inserted as watermark on the image.

9.) Rights of third parties
The photographer assures that he/she can freely use the photo material supplied to VAUDE, that it is free from third party rights, and that the people in each photo agree with its publication, without any remuneration to be paid outside of an existing contractual relationship. Claims, which are collected during the preparation, dissemination and publication of the photographic material against VAUDE will be solely and entirely borne by the photographer.

10.) Persons appearing in photos:
The photographer agrees not to submit photos in which it is doubtful whether the people appearing in them agree to advertising use. The same applies to all images that are blocked for any area. The photographer frees VAUDE from third party claims brought against VAUDE when VAUDE has abided by the terms of this contract

11.) Jurisdiction:
The photographer agrees that for any dispute arising from this agreement, the jurisdiction location will be Tettnang. The legal relations between the parties are governed by German law.

12.) Invalidity of the contract:
The photographer agrees that if any provisions of the agreement are rated as “invalid”, the validity shall not affect the remaining provisions.   

13.) Unfair tactics and voting procedures: 
Each person is allowed to vote just one time for each photo. The photographer may not influence the online voting by any unfair means (e.g. use of unfair voting procedures). If this is established by VAUDE, the photographer will be disqualified and all images / data deleted.

14.) Data of the photographer:
The photographer agrees that all personal data and images stored in relation to the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest and the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest - partner companies may be passed on to advertise the contest. Of course, all data, including the photo of the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest will be deleted when the photographer communicates such a request in writing.

15.) Prizes:  
a) The photographer agrees that a cash alternative of product prizes is not possible.
b.) The photographer is responsible for any taxes on contest prizes.
c.) VAUDE is not liable for the tax liability of the winner.

16.) Excluded:
The photographer may not be a member of the jury, a VAUDE employee, or a partner of the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest.

17.) Submissions:
The photographer agrees that VAUDE has the opportunity of category matching. If a photographer has already submitted a photo, no other photographer can also submit the same photo.


1.) Admission:
VAUDE does not demand an “entrance fee” from the photographer for the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest

2.) Disqualification:

a.) VAUDE will delete the images and data of a respective photographer and disqualify him/her from the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest, if he/she disregards the rules.   

b.) In the case of unsuitable photos, VAUDE has the right to deny the respective photographer entry into the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest.

c.) Persons appearing in photos:

All persons shown:
VAUDE may request the release of people appearing in the photo from the photographer. If the release cannot then be provided, this may result in disqualification.

3.) Release date:
VAUDE will publish all submitted images starting on 1.8.15 for online voting. The pictures will be available to this contest for 3 years.

4.) Usage Rights:
When there are doubts as to the authenticity and/or rights of use of a photo, VAUDE has the right to request the original photo and further information from the photographer for further analysis.  

5.) VAUDE makes all decisions. These are final. 

Note: These terms and conditions apply exclusively for photographers who submit their pictures. The Chile - Raffle for the online audience has its own terms and conditions.

For questions or comments, please contact us at