If you have any other questions that we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at visions@vaude.com.

Photographers can send in their photos until July 31st. Starting on August 1st, the online public can then vote for the best photo. By voting, you are eligible to win a travel adventure in the Northwest Territories, Canada or in Austria. 

Information for the online audience:


1) Do the same conditions apply for the trip to Canada and Austria?

Yes, the same terms and conditions apply to both trips. These conditions will be published on August 1st. 

2.) What do I need to do to apply? 

Starting August 1st, vote for your favourite photo at www.vaudevisions.com.   There will be an online application that you can use one time to use to apply for the contest.

3.) I just put my vote in for a picture, but the counter (star) doesn't change.

The counter is updated overnight. Please wait until the following night - then the counter will display your vote.

4.) Are the social media likes count towards the competition?

All social media "likes" do not count towards the competition, only votes entered with the "star or cup" symbol are included.


Information for photographers:


1.) What rights of use must the photographer transfer?

The photographer transmits to VAUDE the right to use of the image material, always accompanied by the photographer’s name and VAUDE Visions Photo Contest for a period of 3 years:a) on VAUDE social media channels for advertising www.vaudevisions.com and the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest in a resolution of 1024x768 pxb) at www.vaudevisions.com for online users to download as wallpaper and for viewing in the galleryc) for various online and print- applications of the VAUDE Visions Photo Contests, for example exhibitions of the winning photos or for the Top20 photo albumd) For submission to the VAUDE Visions Photo Contest partners to advertise the contest. 

Naturally, upon written request from the photographer, all photos will be deleted from VAUDE Visions. 

2.) How will the photos be shown in the gallery in August?  

The images will displayed in random order.

3.) What happens if a participant technically manipulates the competition, for example when a person votes for a particular photo multiple times?

The photographer may not influence the online voting by any unfair means (e.g. use of unfair voting procedures). If this is established by VAUDE, the photographer will be disqualified and all images / data deleted. On-going manual and technical controls by VAUDE will eliminate the opportunity to manipulate the vote.  

4.) Could photographers with a large network have advantages in the competition?

Photographers with a lot of contacts could have advantages in the competition when they use their entire network to "advertise" for their image. However, photographers with a small network can easily make it into the top 20 when they ask their contacts to spread the news about their photo. The online audience generally votes for multiple photos so that even photos with no special “advertising” from the photographer also get voted for.